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How Stop a Jail in Your Town

The How to Stop a Jail Toolkit is a comprehensive guide to organizing against jail expansion in your California town. With sample talking points, deep analysis from experts, researchers, and journalists, the How to Stop a Jail resources provide all the tools you’ll need to debunk your opposition + educate and mobilize your community. 


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We love to see budget advocacy enthusiasts, like you, sharing our materials to help educate the public about the harms of our out-of-control punitive systems here in California. Our current campaign is promoting the release of The People’s Plan for Prison Closure. 



California must be bold on prison closure in the interest of public health, fiscal responsibility and racial justice!

That’s why CURB is calling for 10 state-owned prisons to be fully closed by 2025, as prioritized by systems-impacted people. The answer to failing CA prison infrastructure is NOT to waste more dollars repairing them. The solution is mass releases & to permanently shut down *at least* 10 state-owned prisons. 

Read the People’s Plan for Prison Closure Report: Bit.ly/CloseCAPrisonsReport

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A serious plan for prison closure means that closed prisons *stay* closed; prison populations are reduced through releases, not transfers to other unsafe facilities; Corrections budgets are slashed; investments in reentry and other services are prioritized; voices of justice-impacted people are heard; and that labor solutions for displaced prison staff are front and center. Let’s not forget the enduring need for a reckoning on racial injustice. That means not only dramatically increasing prison releases, but changing laws and policies that drive the incarceration crisis, filling the state’s empty prison beds and reinforcing a toxic culture of perpetual punishment.

Prison abolition will uplift our society’s needs. Cages are used to “solve” problems created by political actors and failed policies. 

People have intrinsic value that cannot and must not be so easily discarded. Let’s leave what we *know* has failed us where it belongs: in the dustbin of California’s history. 



Does CDCR have a real plan for prison closure? @curbprisons does! Check out The People’s Plan for Prison Closure created by impacted leaders here: Bit.ly/CloseCAPrisons Please share widely! #CloseCAPrisons