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Open Letter to Governor Brown

Open Letter Governor Jerry Brown VETO SB10 Nearly 40 years ago, you decried the state of our criminal justice system, acknowledging that “thousands & thousands of people languish in the jails of this state even though they have been convicted of no crime.” You now face a decision, to sign into law a bill that

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ACTION ALERT: Tell Gov. Brown to #VETOSB10!

Tell Governor to VETO SB 10 — a deceiving bill that expands preventative detention by replacing money bail with bias risk assessment tools that will incarcerate more people! SB10 is on Governor Brown’s desk and he may sign this bill at any moment! We ask with urgency that you call, email and tweet Governor Brown

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⚠️ Stop #FakeBailReform Now! No On SB10!

There is no question that California’s reliance on money bail is a predatory system that must be stopped.  Organizations across the state have been working towards proactive solutions to chip away at pre-trial imprisonment that targets poor people, Black people and other people of color, immigrants, homeless people, and people with mental health needs. Senator

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Help us Kill SB10!

Help us kill SB10!  Call Senator Hertzberg, the author of the bill, and tell him “California deserves a stronger bail reform bill that will result in lasting positive changes for our residents. Pull SB 10 now so that we can do better next year.” Call Hertzberg’s Capitol Office – (916) 651-4018 Send and email to

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Action Alert: Keep SB1393 Alive!

It’s time to turn up the heat for SB 1393 (Mitchell) – The Fair and Just Sentencing Reform Act of 2018! SB1393 will be heard in the Assembly Appropriations Committee this Wednesday, August 15th starting at 9am- Room 4202. I’ve heard through the grapevine that Appropriations is the committee where bills go to die! This

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2018-19 Final CA State Corrections Budget

Last Friday, June 29th Governor Brown released his final State Budget for 2018-19 (Budget Summary for Public Safety- Pages 57-70). Despite the passage of important legislation and voter initiatives in the last three years, resulting in significant reductions to the prison population, California’s capacity to operate and expand prisons is growing. With an increase of

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Hood Digest + CURB!

CURB has teamed up with the Hood Digest to help change the way we talk about incarceration and center the people most impacted by the system. Our Hood Glossary breaks down the language the system uses, why they use it and what we should use instead! I sat down with Elmer Roldan and La Mikia Castillo, co-hosts of the

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Overview of 2018-19 Corrections Budget: May Revision

Governor Brown’s revised budget increases funding to the CDCR to an all-time high $11.8 billion (2018-19), up from $11.4 billion last year (2017-18). However, the budget also projects that the implementation of  Prop. 57 will cause the adult prison population to decrease by 5,800 people in 2018-19 and 11,200 people in 2020-21. In spite of

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