Complaint to the UN: Death By Incarceration is Torture

9/15/22 As part of the DROP LWOP Coalition, CURB joined dozens of organizations in submitting a complaint to appeal the United Nations to hold the US accountable for torture and racial discrimination/targeting through life sentences, or ‘Death by Incarceration’ (DBI). Death by incarceration (DBI) condemns individuals to a slow death in prison (across the country) … Read more

LA Times Article: A rural California town sued to keep a prison open…

  BY HAILEY BRANSON-POTTSSTAFF WRITER  SEPT. 9, 2022 7:47 AM PT The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation may immediately resume shutting down a prison in Northern California, a judge ruled this week, dismissing a lawsuit by a rural town that sought to stop the closure.   The state was supposed to close the California … Read more

Public Statement: WE ARE NOT PROPERTY

  8/23/22 Fellow California Residents and Community Members, As reported in an LA Times article on 8/20/22, visiting Lassen County Judge Robert F. Moody’s decision to reject the amicus brief of people currently incarcerated in California Correctional Center (CCC) calls into question the court’s commitment to human rights and reflects a broken judicial system. There’s … Read more

LA Times Article: A rural California prison was set to close this summer. It’s still open…

  AUG. 20, 2022 BY HAILEY BRANSON-POTTS STAFF WRITER  When it rains, water pours through the ceilings of the California Correctional Center in Susanville, sometimes flooding the cells of incarcerated men who have resorted to using soap to seal leaks. Some toilets in the prison don’t flush and are filled with green algae. And when … Read more