CURB works to benefit its member organizations by:

  • Generating broader support and increased exposure for member organizations;
  • Exponentially increasing outreach possibilities;
  • Sharing resources (materials, expertise, skills, meeting space, funding, etc.)
  • Creating a space for a shared brain trust;
  • Providing organizational space for coordination.

Responsibilities of CURB member organizations

  • Sign on to CURB’s Mission statement;
  • Encourage members to participate in CURB and its work groups;
  • CURB seeks to build a broader more unified movement.  CURB asks how its mission, goals and activities can support the individual work of its member organizations and asks our member organizations to examine how their individual work fits within CURB’s mission, goals and activities;
  • Promote the CURB mission and alliance within the organization’s work (such as having a link to the curb website on your organization’s website);
  • Encourage participation in the events of CURB and CURB member organizations;
  • CURB has many expenses – staffing, travel, photocopying, website, conference calls, among others.   These expenses are often paid for by our small grassroots member organizations’ individual budgets.  CURB seeks to build its own capacity to raise funds for this joint work. CURB asks member organizations to pay dues annually based on the following sliding scale:
    • Organizational Budget under $100,000 = $25-$50
    • Organizational Budget under $250,000 per year = $50-$100
    • Organizational Budget $250,000 and over = $100 -$250

    Organizations are strongly encouraged to pay dues, but in-kind donations of meeting space, phone use, photocopying etc. are also welcome. No organization will be turned away due to a lack of funds.

Statewide Meetings

CURB meets statewide once a month via conference calls. Meetings are currently scheduled for the first Tuesday of every month at 6pm.

All CURB members are strongly encouraged to participate, with at least one member calling in.  More members of individual organizations are very welcome (cause we need help!).  Each member organization has a single “vote” in the consensus decision making process.  To encourage continuity, CURB asks that member organizations make an effort to have the same individuals represent them if possible.  It’s often helpful for participants from the same region to gather in the same room when calling in.  CURB will meet in person statewide at least once a year.

Decision Making

CURB operates by consensus.  Member organizations are strongly encouraged to send at least one representative, with more representative’s welcome, to the monthly statewide meetings/calls.  Each member organization will have one “vote” in the consensus process.

CURB encourages members to bring decision making issues to the monthly CURB call if at all possible.  CURB also recognizes that sometimes decisions will need to be made between the monthly calls.  In that case, the member is asked to email a proposal to the curb list serve,, and give members 72 hours to respond with any questions, concerns or objections.  If there is no objection to passing the proposal by email after 72 hours, the proposal is considered passed.  If there is an objection, the member making the proposal can bring the issue to the next coordinating committee call for further discussion or attempt to set up a conference call with those raising concerns or objections and invite other CURB members.  The emailed proposal should state clearly in the subject line that it is a PROPOSAL AND RESPONSE IS NEEDED WITHIN 72 HOURS.


CURB works through workgroups, establishing new workgroups as needed.  Workgroups are asked to keep in good communication with the other members of CURB through the CURB list serve and monthly meetings.

Our current work groups include: Advisory Board Coordination, Fundraising, SF Jail Fight, LA No More Jails, Legislative and Policy Advocacy, Media, Statewide Jail Fights, and Coordinating Committee.

Email your request to: info (at)