SB 180 The RISE Act

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SB 180 (Mitchell): Repeal Ineffective Sentencing Enhancements (RISE) ACT

Fact Sheet

CURB proudly co-sponsor SB 180 – the Repeal Ineffective Sentencing Enhancement Act –  to reduce incarceration and free up funds to invest in communities. It was passed in the state legislature and signed by the Governor this fall!

SB 180, introduced by Senator Holly Mitchell, repeals the three-year sentence enhancement for prior drug convictions, with the exceptions of drug manufacturing and convictions involving a minor. The enhancement is applied consecutively — three years for every prior conviction for possession for sale, sale or similar drug offense to any person currently convicted for a similar offense.

These enhancements were originally intended to deter drug selling, and reduce the availability of controlled substances. As with other punitive drug war strategies, they have failed to reduce drug use; on the contrary, drugs are cheaper, stronger and more widely available than any time in our state’s history. These enhancements have the effect of sentencing thousands of people — mainly young men and women of color — to long periods of incarceration in overcrowded state prisons and county jails, destabilizing families and communities.

SB 180 was co-sponsored by: Californians United for a Responsible Budget, Drug Policy AllianceThe Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, The American Civil Liberties Union of California, and the Friends Committee on Legislation of California.