Thank You for 2016! – Now let's move into the #CAbudget!

Dear Supporter, Thank you for standing with us in 2016. We appreciate all that you gave to CURB and look forward to taking this people power into 2017. We are moving ahead quickly. Within the week, Governor Brown will unveil his proposed budget for 2017-2018, and CURB is ready. This year, more than ever, we … Read more

May the power be with us

Greetings CURB Supporter,

I am Nicole Powell, a former intern with CURB, and a current graduate student at Harvard University. As an intern with CURB, I learned specifically about how public policy, media communications, and relationship building can be used in the fight against jail and prison construction. final-3rd-eoy

I experienced how CURB works on multiple fronts to reunify families and to rebuild communities.

This year I was happy to have contributed to CURB’s mission by supporting their campaign against the building of the proposed women’s jail in Los Angeles, their campaign against Governor Brown’s $250 million jail construction plan, and their campaign to pass SB 966 (which would repeal ineffective sentencing and decrease mass incarceration).

CURB does so much with so little.

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Join freedom fighters throughout California!

Dear Supporter,

Our coalition has a different vision for California, a vision rooted in liberation. We envision changes that will bring people home, dismantle systems of imprisonment, and support true community health and prosperity.

With your support, we look forward to making this vision a reality.coral-final

In 2016 we have grown stronger than ever. This year Governor Brown proposed $270 million in jail construction funding through our state budget. We made our voices heard by demanding that our decision makers say NO MORE to jail funding. Our people power persuaded the Senate and Assembly Budget Subcommittees to reject the state funding for new jails. Unfortunately, the Governor signed slipped in the jail funding in the final budget, showing support for more incarceration.

We demonstrated the power of unity. 

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Will you fight for a stronger California?

Dear Supporter,

It was another Tuesday, and the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors was meeting to decide on the next steps to construct the $3.7 billion jail plan. As I listened to the board discuss their plans to build more jails, I stood up and started leading the room to fill it with chants of “no more jails”, “reject the EIR”, and “this jail plan is disruptive” with students from FREE LA High School chiming in with individual messages to each board member. eoymeme-email1-2016

After more than seven years of organizing against the massive jail plan, organizers, advocates, and community members were demanding that the board walk out on the jail plan — not the community. It was a powerful day, and although it resulted in the board moving forward with the jail plan, it also sparked a new sense of power among all the new and veteran organizers that have been fighting for a strong Los Angeles that doesn’t rely on incarceration.

CURB and its members were the reason that I felt empowered to take action that day.

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10 hours left – Donate to CURB on #GivingTuesday!

Dear [[First_Name]],

I’m a member of CURB’S fundraising committee. I’m also a member of the No New SF Jail Coalition, organizing for 3+ years to defeat the San Francisco Sheriff & Mayor’s jail construction plans. CURB staff and member groups have anchored this jail fight, and we are winning: jail plans have been voted down at the SF Board of Supervisors and its working group. 10-hours-left

CURB has defeated jail plans up and down the state.

CURB and CURB’s member groups really get it. Building new jails and prisons will always increase incarceration. Decreasing jail capacity is the only reliable way we can prevent incarceration, to keep people free from this suffering. That’s why I love CURB: together, we are educating each other and attaching the root causes of this harmful injustice. And that’s why today, I’m asking you to help support CURB’s fundraising push. 

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