CURB and Color of Change have partnered to fight for prison closures across California. To protect lives, we’re asking you to join us in demanding Governor Newsom and the California Department of Corrections (CDCR) close KVSP and other prisons across California and end these abusive conditions, reunite people with loved ones and invest in a #CareNotCages future for California.

The People's Plan for Prison Closure

The People's Plan for Prison Closure
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In April 2021, the CURB coalition released The People’s Plan for Prison Closure, a visionary report that outlines the failures of California’s bloated carceral system, and offers bold, community-centered solutions for our jail problem.

Within the report, you’ll find information such as:

  • More about the CURB coalition and our mission
  • A brief history of how California became the largest jailer and jail system in the world
  • The fiscal irresponsibility of maintaining the status quo
  • The environmental, economical, and human costs of mass incarceration and of jail facilities, themselves
  • A bold plan to close the ten worst California prisons by 2025
  • A plan for reinvesting carceral dollars to bolster our economy and create jobs for community members and former CA Department of Corrections employees
  • A wide range of research and supporting materials that will provide useful context for anyone who wants to better understand why the abolition of California prisons and jails is essential to our community well-being as California moves into a healthier, happier future with equitable outcomes and opportunity for all to thrive.

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