The People's plan
for prison closure

Our incarcerated community members:

People in CA prisons over the age of 50.
The average age of a person sentenced to Life Without Parole (LWOP) in California.

At least 33% of people in California prisons have been diagnosed with serious mental health needs.


As many as 92% of incarcerated women report having been abused in their lifetimes.

Punished with racist policies:

Black people represent only


of California’s general population

but make up


of people in CA prisons serving life sentences.

Data sources for the statistics above are cited throughout The People’s Plan for Prison Closure. Read more about our Prison Closures campaigns here. 

California Prisons Must Be Closed

California Prisons are Environmental Hazards are Public Health Disasters Endanger Our Economy are Systemically Racist must be closed. 

We're calling on California to close at least 10 prisons in the next 5 years.

The People’s Plan for Prison Closure (The PPPC) is a visionary roadmap that demands bold commitments to justice reinvestment. It provides detailed recommendations on statewide prison closure, including: the prioritization of ten prisons to close in the next five years, and why; a call to close all women’s prisons; an analysis of cost-savings to be captured and reinvested in impacted communities; and data-driven information about the roles racism and draconian sentencing continue to play in both prison expansion and overcrowding.

From detailing the cruel and inhumane treatment experienced by incarcerated Californians, to clearly outlining the fiscal, environmental, health, and mental health ramifications that harm all members of our communities, The PPPC is a beautifully crafted and invaluable resource for those seeking to understand why abolishing these systems is imperative to our collective well-being.