Complaint to the UN: Death By Incarceration is Torture


As part of the DROP LWOP Coalition, CURB joined dozens of organizations in submitting a complaint to appeal the United Nations to hold the US accountable for torture and racial discrimination/targeting through life sentences, or ‘Death by Incarceration’ (DBI).

Death by incarceration (DBI) condemns individuals to a slow death in prison (across the country) with little to no hope of release, depriving over 200,000 people of basic human dignity and the opportunity for redemption and repair. DBI is the antithesis of justice.

Despite Black people making up only 12.4% of the US population in 2020, 46% of all those serving Death by Incarceration sentences were Black. This is a racial justice issue.

To comply with international human rights standards, the United States must abolish Death by Incarceration now.


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