URGENT ACTION ALERT! Tell Governor Newsom Closing 2 State Owned Prisons is the Right Thing To Do!

Governor Newsom proposed closing 2 state prisons in his 2020-21 budget proposal but it isn’t clear whether he will prioritize closing state owned prisons or a privately owned facility that the state leases.

CURB supports closing at least 2 state owned facilities! California must continue to reduce the prison population and capture the $400 million in projected ongoing savings that is desperately needed right now when lives and cuts to social safety net programs, education, etc. are at a heightened risk in the face of COVID-19. Check out our prison closure memo here. Share it with your local legislators and with your community.

Will you take action to tell Governor Newsom that the people support closing at least two state owned facilities by sending a public comment and calling the governor now?

Email/Call Script:

Dear Governor Newsom,

You have made the courageous promise to close California prisons to free up resources to invest in vital community resources.  To meaningfully save money, you must close state owned facilities NOW.  Ending a contract with private facilities will not fulfil your promise to reimagine public safety and reallocate money away from failed incarceration policies.

Make public comment here to Governor Newsom: https://govapps.gov.ca.gov/gov40mail/

Call Governor Newsom here: (916) 445-2841

Let’s reach out to the budget chairs to urge their support as well!

Call Assemblymember Phil Ting here: (916) 319-2019 

Call Senator Holly MItchell here: (916) 651-4030

Thank you for your advocacy!

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