Work at CURB! Seeking FT Statewide Coordinator

CURB is excited to announce that we are seeking a full-time Statewide Coordinator to help support the work of our growing coalition!

Please read full job posting here.

Applications Due Tuesday January 28th

CURB is seeking a passionate person with strong writing and communications skills to serve as a full-time Statewide Coordinator with a particular focus on Membership Engagement, Media & Communications. 

This position will provide support in building, engaging and coordinating CURB membership around CURB’s mission and coordinating CURB media and communications to support local and statewide campaigns. Statewide Coordinator will be responsible for supporting CURB’s Director, LA Coordinator and CURB members in amplifying the work of the coalition through social media and traditional media. On any given day, the coordinator’s responsibilities may include working with dedicated CURB leaders around the state, creating and disseminating press releases, fielding press at direct actions, generating daily digital content and developing programs and events that amplify the power of marginalized communities, mobilizing our membership and raising awareness about the coalition’s priorities.

CURB is committed to investing in the leadership of formerly incarcerated and convicted people. People who identify as Black, Brown, Indigenous, Native, women, queer or trans are encouraged to apply. CURB will be prioritizing interviewing folks from Northern California, though the position will be open to applicants statewide. CURB does not discourage or discriminate against people with convictions. There will not be a background check or fingerprinting of applicants, and you will not  be asked if you have ever been convicted of a crime on the application or interview.      

Please share this job posting widely and thank you for helping us grow our resilient coalition!

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