The People’s Response to Governor’s Corrections Budget  May Revise 2019

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 10, 2019   The People’s Response to Governor’s Corrections Budget  May Revise Calling for the end of prison and jail as state’s leading health & mental health care provider   MEDIA CONTACT: Amber-Rose Howard, Californians United for a Responsible Budget or 909.717.8520   Sacramento — Thursday, May 09, Governor … Read more

CURB Overview of 2019-20 Corrections Budget: May Revise

Governor Newsom’s revised 2019-20 budget for corrections has increased to $12.8 billion. While there are some good things included in the budget, we notice an increased capacity for health and mental health services inside California Prisons. According to a report by the California Budget & Policy Center, 80% of CDCR’s budget goes to operations and health related services. “People experiencing mental illness “are especially sensitive to the unique stresses and traumas of prison life, and their psychiatric conditions often deteriorate as a result.”[1]While people who are incarcerated are deserving health treatments, CURB maintains our position that prisons are not acceptable wellness or mental health facilities. Nobody can get well in a cell. Instead of wasting resources to stretch the span of destructive prisons, where individuals cannot be properly treated, there is an urgent need to reduce spending on corrections and increase community-based health and mental health related services so that people’s needs are addressed and they do not end up in a cage.

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