Help us Kill SB10!

Help us kill SB10! 

Call Senator Hertzberg, the author of the bill, and tell him “California deserves a stronger bail reform bill that will result in lasting positive changes for our residents. Pull SB 10 now so that we can do better next year.”

Call Hertzberg’s Capitol Office – (916) 651-4018 Send and email to Hertzberg

Make calls to your representatives in the Assembly and Senate Members of the Public Safety Committee –  find your representative here.

Scripts you can share with your networks:

For phone calls:

Hi, my name is ______, and I am a resident of ___city____. I am a member of __organization. I am calling to express my opposition to Senate Bill 10. I support bail reform that will reduce pre-trial imprisonment, but I believe that California residents deserve a better bail reform bill. Let’s scrap SB 10 and work for real reform next year.
For emailing:
I am writing to express my opposition to Senate Bill 10 – our communities deserve a better bail reform bill. I support bail reform that will truly reduce pre-trial imprisonment and improve the lives of Californians but SB 10 does not achieve that. As a resident of ___city____ and a member of __organization___ I’m calling on you to vote no on SB 10 when given the opportunity. Let’s scrap SB 10 and work for real reform next year.
If you have been directly impacted by pre-trial imprisonment or bail, or work with an organization that has a particular investment in this work, it can be powerful to share that connection.

If you’d like some sample language that you can send out to your networks, you can edit and use the below:

Dear _________

Over the last year, California organizations have been working towards proactive solutions to chip away at pre-trial imprisonment that targets poor people, Black people and other people of color, immigrants, homeless people, and people with mental health needs. On behalf of community advocates, Senator Hertzberg proposed a bail reform bill that originally would have made some significant reductions to the scale of pre-trial imprisonment, ended the use of money bail, and given California residents greater legal rights within this system.

We are calling you to action today because the current version of bail reform, Senate Bill 10, has been altered significantly. Rather than helping our communities, it would exacerbate existing racial and economic injustices by giving judges greater ability to hold people pre-trial, using racist risk assessment tools, and expanding the power of probation.

Take action now against SB 10!

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