Hood Digest + CURB!

CURB has teamed up with the Hood Digest to help change the way we talk about incarceration and center the people most impacted by the system. Our Hood Glossary breaks down the language the system uses, why they use it and what we should use instead!

I sat down with Elmer Roldan and La Mikia Castillo, co-hosts of the Hood Digest podcast, to talk about the current state of incarceration in California, the work CURB is doing to stop the caging of our people and the glossary we developed to help arm our communities with language. We also discuss our own family histories with the criminal injustice system and how that informs our activism.  

Click here to listen to the Podcast Episode!

CURB also wants to make sure our Spanish-speaking community is equipped with a glossary too! We worked with CURB members the Youth Justice Coalition and Critical Resistance to develop a Spanish version of our CURB Glossary. Feel free to download it, share it and use it in your Spanish advocacy!

We are excited to be in partnership with Hood Digest and keep bringing you more culturally relevant content. Stay tuned for upcoming videos, podcasts and more!

En la lucha,

Ivette Alé

Statewide Co-Coordinator

Californians United for a Responsible Budget

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