Free Mother’s, Close Jails!

As CURB members continue to fight the caging of women in LA County, we’re also uplifting our mothers, caregivers and their families at our annual Mother’s Day Commemoration at Lynwood Jail.

At last year’s event, we partnered with Latinx media outlet MiTú to uplift what communities really need instead of jails – affordable housing, community-based services and resources! We also discussed the impact of bail on women and the need for bail reform in LA County. You can watch the video here.

This Mother’s Day event will continue our annual effort to bring love and healing to those visiting their loved ones at the current women’s jail in Lynwood. We will have an art space for children, acupuncture, wellness kits, a photographer to capture each family’s experience and more!

Will you join us for this amazing event?

When: Sunday, March 13th from 8am-12pm

Where: Central Regional Detention Center (11705 S. Alameda St. Lynwood, 90059)

There will be coffee and light snacks, mini teach-ins on the LA Jail fight, bail reform and community investment from 9am-12pm and resources for supporting family members.

Can’t join? Will you help us by sharing this video on social media with the hashtags #FreeMothersCloseJails and #NoMoreBailNoMoreJails?

We know you will continue to stand with us in our fight against incarceration in LA and across the state. We hope to see you on Mother’s Day!

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