Women for Care Not Cages!

My name is Gina and I am the founder of Essie Justice Group – a fierce organization of women with incarcerated loved ones and a proud member of CURB. Our powerful mission: To build a movement to empower women with incarcerated loved ones. And to break the cycles of pain, isolation and poverty that many women experience and struggle through in silence, burdened by shame and social stigma.

The women of Essie and members of CURB value people over profit and care over cages. We know that tough on crime policies have only destabilized our communities and torn our families apart. Our women are standing strong despite the trauma of incarceration and lack of community resources. We are making healthy steps towards purpose driven lives thanks to the support we give to each other.

Will you help CURB continue to stand with women all over the state who are fighting to keep their families together?

Everyday, more and more people are joining the fight to end mass incarceration. CURB’s job is to amplify those voices, and bring the fight to the decision-makers! This year, CURB has joined Essie Justice Group and others in an ambitious campaign to urge the California legislature to end the system of money bail. Women all over California are being held in county jail, away from their children and communities, due to their financial status and inability to bail out. We want to make sure that counties across the state are no longer detaining over 40% of people in their jails, pretrial. As you know, this will take strong support to accomplish. You can be part of making that happen!

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