Strength in Numbers

In April of this year I stood on the steps of the Capitol surrounded by a group of fierce advocates ready to speak truth to power on Prop 57. For years, I have worked alongside CURB and its members to bring our loved ones home, and our work on Prop 57 was one step closer to achieving our collective vision of liberation.

CURB works tirelessly to not only imagine a world without prisons and jails, but also to implement alternatives that center the work of those most impacted by incarceration. 

My husband and I founded Initiate Justice to engage people directly impacted by incarceration to fight for divestment from punitive systems and investment in people, communities, and restorative means of reducing harm. We joined CURB because their mission of care not cages aligns with our own and have worked together to create tangible changes, like the passing of Prop 57, which reduces prison sentences based on good time and milestone credits.

We need your help to keep moving transformative policies like this forward! [[First_Name]], would you donate $30, $100 or $500 today?

Impacted people, like me and my family, are at the front lines of this work with limited resources and the power of massive institutions against us. The collective power of the CURB coalition to mobilize, educate and empower members continues to propel our work forward despite mounting opposition. The strength of our community is undeniable and decision makers are taking notice! After a strong showing by Initiate Justice and other CURB members on the floor of the Senate Budget Committee hearing earlier this year, Senator Nancy Skinner left the meeting to thank us for our testimony and to hold space for the work of our members.

Progressive leaders like Senator Skinner are not the only ones taking notice. The opposition has more money, more resources and more power. But we have dedicated supporters like you! Will you stand with us?

CURB’s impact on the carceral landscape of California is undeniable, and with your support, our collective liberation is inevitable!

In solidarity,

Taina Vargas Edmond

Initiate Justice

Member of Californians United for a Responsible Budget

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