Taking Up the Torch of Liberation Together!

In February 2017, in Oakland, California, we sat across from one another in a room full of people, each wearing passion and pain on our faces, eagerly awaiting the start of a strategy session to stop prison and jail expansion. The facilitator introduced us as the new CURB staff members who would be leading the coalition in a fight against the largest prison expansion plan in California’s history: the replacement or refurbishment of the state’s 12 oldest prisons. As we looked at all of the organizers, representing California communities from San Diego to the Bay, we greeted each other with a warm embrace, confident that we had joined a powerful coalition.

CURB and its members are the reason that we feel empowered to own our leadership and help move California to a state that does not rely on incarceration.

CURB’s annual gathering is only one example of the powerful cohesion generated between CURB members. Over the past 14 years, now with over 70 grassroots member organizations, CURB has successfully expanded parole and sentencing reforms including: medical and elder parole, good-time credits, and the Alternative Custody Programs. Since 2004 we have stopped over $9 billion in prison and jail construction funding through the budget and legislative processes. Our members have stopped jail expansion in San Francisco and defeated two contracts with private jails in Los Angeles, while delaying a $3.7 billion jail plan.

We need you now more than ever to step up and fight for a stronger California with CURB. [[First_Name]], would you donate $30, $100 or $500 today?

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