Join LANMJ this Mother’s Day!

As CURB and the LA No More Jails coalition continue to fight against the proposed construction of a new $200 million women’s jail in Los Angeles County, we’re also uplifting our women and their families at our annual LANMJ Mother’s Day Commemoration at Lynwood Jail.

At last year’s event, families were given the opportunity to share their stories and voice their concerns with the jail expansion plan. You can watch families advocate for their loved ones and communities here. 

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Join us tomorrow: Tell the governor to invest in people, not prisons

Last year, Governor Brown said he would develop a sustainable solution to California’s prison crisis.

But in this year’s budget summary, he made it clear that he wants to move the state in the opposite direction.

Among the alarming moves, the budget:

  • increases $500 million for state corrections
  • increases $1.5 million for local community corrections
  • refurbishes or replaces the 12 Oldest Prisons in California
  • reopens closed SHU units at Pelican Bay and Corcoran for housing

We need to show Gov. Brown that we won’t accept his continued prioritization on imprisonment!

Join CURB, California Partnership, and other anti-prison and anti-poverty groups at four rallies and press conferences across the state starting tomorrow, May 11 in Sacramento and Los Angeles and ending on Monday, May 15 in Bakersfield, Riverside and Coachella.

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