#CABudget Battle: Prop.57 Assembly Hearing TODAY!

Last week about 30 Initiate Justice and CURB members came out to the Prop 57 Hearing in the Senate Budget Subcommittee on Public Safety. CDCR showed up to present their budget request for Prop 57 implementation, and we showed up to represent incarcerated people and their families! Members of Initiate Justice, CURB, Essie Justice Group, Outside Solutions and other community organizations offered public comment on the Prop 57 regulations. The full hearing can be viewed HERE.

Today April 24th at 2:30pm in room 437, the Assembly Budget Committee will be discussing Proposition 57 and I will be giving testimony!


Can you help us keep up the momentum by sending an email to the Assembly Budget Committee today?

After the hearing was over, the Initiate Justice and CURB team left, but Senator Nancy Skinner followed us outside to thank us for showing up and to reassure us that she values what we had to say. She said there will be more Prop 57 legislative hearings specifically about the regulations later this year, and encouraged us to be there.

Now is the time, let’s impact these regulations today!

In anticipation of todays hearing, we had lobby visits with the Assemblymembers who sit on the Assembly Budget Subcommittee. Later, we met with Secretary Scott Kernan to personally discuss our recommendations to the regulations. We stayed true to our values and pushed him hard on the tough issues. He made no promises but said it is possible the regulations can change to reflect what we want to see.

For now, make sure to send an email to the Assembly Budget Committee!

Finally, we wanted to share op-eds on Prop 57 implementation by Emile DeWeaver and George Coles, both currently incarcerated in San Quentin.

CURB is committed to expanding earned time credits, reconnecting families, and envisioning a stronger California.

Let’s dismantle this system together!

In love and solidarity,

Taina Vargas Edmond

Initiate Justice

A member of Californians United for a Responsible Budget

P.S. Can’t attend? Watch and listen HERE!

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