One day to take action to expand credits!

Dear Supporter,

This budget cycle Initiate Justice, a member of CURB, worked to monitor the implementation of Proposition 57 and to demand a drastic expansion of earned time credits for people participating in positive programming. We need you to take action to support us today!

Initiate Justice is a grassroots organization based in Oakland, California, comprised of people who are directly impacted by incarceration. Our work is committed to supporting evidence-based policies that focus on reducing the prison population while ensuring our communities are safe.

We, like CURB, see the passage of Prop. 57 as an opportunity to get our loved ones home through the expansion of earned time credits. On Friday, March 24, 2017, CDCR published proposed Proposition 57 Emergency Regulations on the Office of Administrative Law’s website. This initiated a 5-day public comment period in which members of the public can send a written response to the draft regulations – a comment period which ends tomorrow,Wednesday March 29!

Please see the Initiate Justice and CURB response here.

We are demanding that CDCR: 

  • Allow all people in prison to earn 50% good time credits
  • Make all good time credit earning retroactive
  • Allow every person with a Youth Offender Parole Date or Elderly Parole Date to earn time off of their earliest parole date
  • Award retroactive Education Merit Credits for each achievement
  • Include Third Strikers in the non-violent early parole

Read our full earned time credits memo here.

What do we need from you? We need you to demand that the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation incorporate our recommendations into the Prop. 57 Emergency Regulations. Public comment on these regulations ends tomorrow, so as soon as possible, let CDCR know that we want this effort to impact our loved ones and give them the opportunity to come back home.

There will be a series of budget hearings popping up on Prop. 57 in April that we would love if you can be a part of. Let Initiate Justice know if you can make it. And be on the look out for budget actions that we’ll organize in the weeks leading up to these important hearings.

Don’t forget to take action! We have one day left.

In solidarity,

Taina Vargas Edmond

Initiate Justice

A member of Californians United for a Responsible Budget

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