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There is so much happening in Los Angeles and we remain diligent in fighting against the $3.7 billion jail plan on multiple levels while fighting for community based alternatives and supportive services throughout the county.

Here is a little update on the jail fight and what you can do to contribute!  

  • Sign the petition to expose the #300Problematic Deputies in LA County: As Mark-Anthony Johnson of Dignity and Power Now detailed recently, it is becoming evident full transparency can not be achieved when the sheriffs’ union has the power to block the names of deputies from the courts. These names will not, however, be released without a fight and we only have a week to convince the judges to lift the block! Some of us will be gathering in front of Twin Towers tomorrow at 10am to call out this issue. Sign, circulate and come out tomorrow!
  • Lecture TODAY, 3/9/17 at 6pm at Charles R. Drew University (1731 E. 120th St. LA, 90059): The team of guests, including CURB, will be discussing the collateral consequences of prison building. They will share how prisons and jails destroy the local ecology – placing both the health of those locked up and those living in the surrounding area at risk.
  • Join the #Reimagine109 Campaign: The #Reimagine109 campaign focuses on re-directing at least 50% of LA County’s AB 109 funding to community-based programs that prioritize holistic care, dignity for all, and empowering those most impacted by the criminal justice system.
  • Save June in your calendar: The draft environmental impact report for the replacement to Men’s Central Jail is set to be released in June. We already fought hard to push back against the environmental impacts of the proposed women’s jail as seen in our report, We Are Not Disposable: The Toxic Impacts of Prisons and Jails. And now the time is coming around where we will have to push back against the next phase of this massive jail plan.

Thank you for your support! Together we will make LA a healthier and more just community for all.

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