SF: Demand Transparency & Accountability from the Board of Supervisors

Dear CURB Supporters,

We need genuine efforts to stop imprisoning people in San Francisco and we need these efforts to moves as quickly as jail funding! Join the No New SF Jail Coalition at City Hall thisThursday, Feb. 9th, to demand transparency about the jail renovation proposal. We must ensure there will be no increased control or isolation in jail!

With the impending closure of the jail at 850 Bryant St due to community pressure, Sheriff Vicki Hennessey has introduced a resolution to apply for state funding to renovate the neighboring county jail facility at 425 7th St. Despite a hefty price tag of $70 million in state funds, and $12 million from the city, her resolution to apply for State funding for jail renovation is on the fast track through the Board of Supervisors.

As the Sheriff’s resolution moves to the Board’s Budget and Finance Committee, we still don’t know the details of the renovation and to what degree it will affect the city’s capacity to lock people up. The No New SF Jail Coalition’s main concern is that this funding could increase the levels of surveillance and isolation, or further restrict the movement for prisoners within the existing jail. And with community programs in constant need of steady funding, we need to know that the Supervisors are not signing away funding without knowing exactly what renovations would entail.

Join us at the Budget and Finance Committee to demand transparency and accountability!

When: Thursday, February 9th at 10 a.m.

Where: S.F. City Hall, Main Supervisors’ Chambers, Room 250

This may be the only opportunity we will have for public comment on the Sheriff’s jail funding application. Let’s make sure that the City of San Francisco is accountable and transparent to our communities!

See you at City Hall!

In solidarity,

The No New SF Jail Coalition

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