Webinar: We Are Not Disposable – The Toxic Impacts of Prisons and Jails

Join CURB on February 9th at 12pm for a webinar examining the environmental and social consequences of jail and prison construction in California.1

Prisons and jails are environmental health disasters — they are unhealthy for those locked inside them, for those who work there, for those living in the neighborhoods where the facility is located, and, as they produce toxins that spread into the wider environment, they ultimately harm us all. Unfortunately, 40 of California’s 58 counties are planning to expand their existing jail systems, and the state is taking its rst step toward renovating or replacing the state’s twelve oldest prisons.

This is occuring as the state enters its sixth consecutive year of drought. The environmental damage inflicted by the incarceration system is a threat to California’s public health.

During this webinar, community leaders who have been at the center of the intersection of environmental justice and anti-prison organizing. Experts will share their strategies, stories, victories, failures, and advice on how environmental justice organizations and anti-prison advocates can work together.


Laura Pulido, Professor of Ethinic Studies and and Geography at the University of Oregon
Craig Gilmore, California Prison Moratorium Project
Jayda Rasberry, Dignity and Power Now

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