How Will We Win in 2017?

Dear Friend,

In 2016, we helped local coalitions prevent jail construction in Los Angeles, Alameda, San Francisco, and other counties. Our member network grew. On the state level, we co-sponsored legislation, the RISE Act, to repeal the three-year enhancement for drug priors. This work must continue next year to enhance the future for all Californians. 24-hours-left-to-give

We still need 100 donations to surpass our fundraising goal!

Next year we will seek to influence the state to close its twelve oldest prisons, currently slated for repairs. Read our 2016 report, “We Are Not Disposable: The toxic impact of prisons and jails.

But we need your help to make it happen.

In 2017, we’ll fight to prevent construction of state prisons and county jails, and close these sites of oppression that are open today. We’ll educate ourselves, our elected officials, and our communities about the harms of incarceration and the benefits of redirecting resources to life sustaining programs. And we’ll push again for a new state law ending sentencing enhancements based on prior drug convictions.

Donate to CURB tonight by midnight so we can support local activists in this struggle for all next year.

Your generosity enables CURB’s work to support and sustain our member organizations impact across the state.

Together in solidarity,

CURB Staff and Interns

Diana Zuñiga,Gabriela Catalina Pelsinger, Carolina Cardoza, Chad Sjule

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