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Greetings CURB Supporter,

I am Nicole Powell, a former intern with CURB, and a current graduate student at Harvard University. As an intern with CURB, I learned specifically about how public policy, media communications, and relationship building can be used in the fight against jail and prison construction. final-3rd-eoy

I experienced how CURB works on multiple fronts to reunify families and to rebuild communities.

This year I was happy to have contributed to CURB’s mission by supporting their campaign against the building of the proposed women’s jail in Los Angeles, their campaign against Governor Brown’s $250 million jail construction plan, and their campaign to pass SB 966 (which would repeal ineffective sentencing and decrease mass incarceration).

CURB does so much with so little.

CURB’s mission of working with community members (both who are outside and inside the carceral system) to reduce prisons and jails and increase community-based services, has stayed in my heart even after I completed my internship. This is exactly why I am now a monthly sustainer of CURB.

Join me in helping CURB achieve their mission by becoming a monthly sustainer.

I believe that CURB’s work is truly powerful: the coalition works with multiple organizations to deflect the institutions and systems that have served to disrupt our communities. CURB believes in the power of grassroots movement-building and public policy change to work towards justice. CURB believes that jail and prison construction is a divestment from our communities. Most importantly, CURB aims to strengthen communities by bringing loved ones back to their families, and making necessary rehabilitative and educational services accessible.

This powerful work needs to be sustained and you can help do that by donating today.

In Solidarity,

Nicole A. Powell

Former CURB Intern and CURB Monthly Sustainer

Californians United for a Responsible Budget

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