10 hours left – Donate to CURB on #GivingTuesday!

Dear [[First_Name]],

I’m a member of CURB’S fundraising committee. I’m also a member of the No New SF Jail Coalition, organizing for 3+ years to defeat the San Francisco Sheriff & Mayor’s jail construction plans. CURB staff and member groups have anchored this jail fight, and we are winning: jail plans have been voted down at the SF Board of Supervisors and its working group. 10-hours-left

CURB has defeated jail plans up and down the state.

CURB and CURB’s member groups really get it. Building new jails and prisons will always increase incarceration. Decreasing jail capacity is the only reliable way we can prevent incarceration, to keep people free from this suffering. That’s why I love CURB: together, we are educating each other and attaching the root causes of this harmful injustice. And that’s why today, I’m asking you to help support CURB’s fundraising push. 

Will you be a part of CURB’s #GivingTuesday?

Every little bit truly helps our coalition fight jail and prison expansion in California. And we still have art pieces available for purchase. You can give to CURB and support artists.

Be a part of a historic giving season at CURB and make your donation today!

In solidarity,

Jesse Stout

Fundraising Committee Member

Californians United for a Responsible Budget

P.S. Give your friends and loved ones an opportunity to help out by sharing our #GivingTuesday page on social media!

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