Moving Ahead and Growing Our People Power

The last few days have been a hard and dark time for most of us. We have run through many of the curb_1110_memehorrifying scenarios that could occur after the final election results. We’ve thought of how many of us women may lose the legal right to protect our bodies. Or the possibility that many undocumented friends and loved ones may be taken from our families and communities. We have been fearful of how this decision will further endanger the lives of black people, Muslims and refugees. And our hearts have hurt at the possibility of how this could impact our LGBTQ community and low-income, working class communities of color at large. Some of us have imagined how we can possibly explain all of this to our children and young people.

This mourning and sadness is a natural reaction during a time that seems so uncertain and dark. And CURB hopes you are taking great care of yourself and those who are closest to you at this time.

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