Urgent: Stop the Toxic Jail!

LA No More Jails Coalition has been fighting jail expansion for the past 10 years in Los Angeles and not one cage has been built.

Now, we are in the thick of the fight to stop construction of a toxic women’s jail in Lancaster. This jail will squander nearly $120 million to cage over 1,600 women as part of an enormously dangerous $3.7 billion jail plan. We all know that this money could be better invested in the community to generate and expand life-affirming resources for all of us.

On Tuesday, October 11, the Board of Supervisors will vote to approve the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed women’s jail. This is the last and final opportunity to pressure the Board of Supervisors to vote against the Final EIR, reject the jail plan and send AB 900 monies back to the state.

We need all hands on deck!

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