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Dear Supporter,

Our coalition has been working tirelessly toward a different vision for California.

With the help of donors like you, we have been able to raise almost $3,000, supporting our work of building a people-powered movement throughout the state of California to oppose Sacramento’s prison and jail expansion plans.

If we could do that with $3,000, imagine what we could do with $8,000?

During this month, our growing force persuaded the Senate and Assembly Budget Subcommittees to reject the state funding for new jails.

But our fight wasn’t over!

Last week, we found out we were faced with a huge obstacle: the Governor brokering a deal to fund some of the legislators’ pet projects while including even more funding for jails. At that moment, our members stepped up and targeted our decision-makers and the Governor to say NO MORE by making over 100 phone calls, sending over 1,000 emails and tweeting up a storm. 

We saw and felt what people power could generate!

The vote was delayed for a day as the offices of elected officials echoed with our demands, but the next day the Governor was able to get his way, ramming $270 million of jail construction funding through our state budget.

Our fight is stil not over and we have to celebrate the small victories, even in the midst of defeat. The power we are building on the ground is moving minds and hearts. Our work has and will stop disastrous incarceration plans from moving forward.

And that is why we need you to give today. Because we can’t continue to resist without you. 

Celebrate our collective victories with us and let’s take the lessons we learn now to continue to build towards a brighter future for all Californians.

In solidarity,

Diana and Lizzie

Californians United for a Responsible Budget


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