We Are So Close…

Dear Supporter,

As a CURB intern, it has been thrilling to witness the amazing people power of our coalition. Last week, we won a significant victory as both houses of the legislature voted to reject the Governor’s proposal for more jail construction funding.

We are so close — but we’re not there yet.


This week, the budget conference committee will be making final revisions before passing the budget to the full legislature.

The Governor, under intense pressure from the sheriffs and other law enforcement, is pushing the legislature to nullify the votes from the budget committees and add the jail construction funding back to to the budget.

Make sure the Governor and the Conference Committee know what our communities truly need to thrive by contacting them now!

I know the CURB coalition doesn’t back down under pressure. We need to make sure the legislature doesn’t either.



In Solidarity,

Nicole Powell

Californians United for a Responsible Budget


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