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Dear Supporter,

There is strength in numbers. When many people band together to demand change, change happens. That’s what CURB does: they are a statewide alliance of organizations that recognize the importance of advocating loudly and together creating a force for change.

As a family member of an incarcerated person, I have experienced the pain and suffering that accompanies separating someone from their loved ones. I know the costs the family endures, the hardships of traveling, the poor treatment by prison authorities, and the stigma of having a loved one behind bars. And CURB helped me activate this experience into action. MY2016Meme

And I knew I had to be a part of it!

I first met up with CURB members in San Diego, fighting against more construction at Donovan State Prison, and was immediately impressed by the strength of the coalition. I remember experiencing the dedication to strengthen the work of local organizers, the tenacity in monitoring the state budget process, and the care given to the participation of new individuals that CURB shared with us.

Coalitions like CURB understand the extent of the problem of mass incarceration and the need to educate and build people up who are working toward a different world.

As a person who is directly impacted by incarceration, an advocate, and a monthly donor to CURB I’m asking you, [[First_Name]], to join me in supporting the work of this dynamic group.

Help us raise $8,000 and get 10 new monthly sustainers this month!

I am thankful that California has CURB to advocate against building up incarceration, and instead use the billions of dollars saved for community-based solutions and alternatives to incarceration. In the past five years CURB has:

  • Stopped $8 billion in prison and jail expansion funding
  • Stopped San Francisco from building a new jail
  • Passed legislation to reduce prison populations
  • Doubled its membership

You all have given your time and energy towards building a world without walls, just like I have. Now, will you join me by giving $30, $65, or $100 (or more!) to sustain CURBs vital work?

Giving $30 would pay for printing 250 color flyers to pass out to community members in Alameda County to let them know about the county’s plans to expand jails, $65 would allow CURB to provide snacks and water for family members and supporters outside the women’s jail in Lynwood, like they just did this past Mother’s Day, and $100 would enable a car of CURB members from Los Angeles to go lobby at the state capitol in Sacramento. Every donation helps us thrive as a coalition.

Like you, I am proud to be a part of CURB. A group that shifts power to the community, passes intentional policy, and builds the capacity of advocates on the ground. It is important to me that CURB unites the voices of all people because we are powerful together.

Thanks for being a part of this work. I hope you will give with me today and contribute to us reaching our goal of $8,000 and 10 new monthly sustainers.



Lisa Overton Calvert

P.S. If you donate today you have a chance to win a gift from CURB!

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