We need your support to pass the RISE act today!

Dear Supporter,

sb 966Things are moving swiftly for SB 966 (Mitchell), the RISE Act! The RISE Act would repeal the three-year sentence enhancement for prior drug convictions, and is an important step towards reducing imprisonment and freeing up resources to invest in communities.

The RISE Act will be up for a vote before the full Senate this Thursday, and we need residents of greater Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, Orange County, and other areas to target your senator today!

Thanks to the power of our action network, more than 100 organizations have already sent in letters of support for the RISE Act. But law enforcement is pulling out all the stops to maintain their power to imprison our communities by killing this bill.

Tell your senator to vote AYE when the bill is on the Senate floor!

These enhancements have resulted in sentencing thousands of people — mainly young men and women of color — to long periods of incarceration in brutal state prisons and county jails, destabilizing families and communities. Meanwhile, drugs are cheaper, stronger and more widely available than any time in our state’s history.

We must stop pursuing policies that destroy our communities, and start investing in those that will make our communities safer, healthier, and stronger.

In solidarity,
Lizzie Buchen

Californians United for a Responsible Budget

P.S. Can you forward this to at least five other people? Your senator needs to hear from your community!

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