The people of LA say: No more jails!

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Ice out of LAThe LA County Sheriff is attempting to move forward with a proposed $2.3 billion jail plan. The Board of Supervisors still have an opportunity to stop this destructive jail plan but they need to act before it’s too late.

Fed up with the endless foot-dragging by the Board of Supervisors, community activists took action today to bring this issue to the forefront of Los Angeles’s attention by dropping banners over the city’s freeways.

LA County currently cages around 17,000 people on any given day, with the lives of each of these individuals and their loved ones disrupted by the Homes not jailsharms of imprisonment. Grassroots activists in Los Angeles have been opposing jail construction for more than a decade and are resolute in diverting County andState funding from jails to real community solutions like housing, healthcare, education, and substance use and mental health services.

The LA No More Jails Coalition knows that locking people up in cages does not make anyone safer, and only serves to tear communities apart. We are working to stop the proposed jail and are demanding investment in resources that actually create strong communities.

Activists across LA County are taking to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to target policy makers who could stop this jail. Tweet @CountyofLA and your County Supervisor now – let them know what you w LA County could have if we had #nomorejails!

Help spread the word and let policy makers know that LA stands for communities not cages. NoWomensJailTweet @CountyofLA #NoMoreJails!

Sample tweet: We demand #nomorejails! The County could give each public school in LA $1mil if you stop the $2.3bil jail plan. @CountyofLA #NoMoreJails

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Los Angeles No More Jails Coalition

Californians United for a Responsible Budget

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