Oppose toxic women's jail, deadline March 2nd!

Dear Supporter,

LA County is still trying to build a new women’s jail in Lancaster, despite years of protests and testimony by grassroots community, women’s and other organizations opposing its construction. And countless first hand accounts of the human rights violations that women locked up have shared. 11779952_876128102424423_8149460149227303035_o-2

Please submit public comment against the new jail now!

The organizations and individuals that make up the LA No More Jails Coalition are asking for urgent public comment opposing the new jail to be submitted by March 2nd which is now the deadline for public comment.

We know we need money for women and communities, not for jails! Send in a comment today.

We don’t need the County to spend $2.3 billion on new jails beginning with a new jail for women.  In LA County, 38.9% of single mothers and our children live below the poverty line.  We are the fastest-growing population of homeless people in LA County.

Submit public comment by March 2nd!

Rather than spending billions building new jails, LA County needs to use those resources to undercut the growing poverty of women and our children, to prioritize keeping families together and keeping people housed, nourished and healthy.

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