How Will We Grow Together in 2016?

Dear Supporter,

Thanks for growing with us at CURB this year. Together we’re growing a future for our whole state, with services and support that all people need to thrive.

This year we helped change the law to allow more alternatives to incarceration. Next year will be a big one for CURB as we continue to build a movement against mass incarceration and jail construction. And towards a brighter future for all Californians.

But we can’t do it without your help.

We are $9,200 away from our end of the year fundraising goal!

In 2016, we will push to expand elder parole and support broad sentencing reform. We will work towards bringing people back from out of state prisons and work towards closing prisons not building new facilities. We will support local jail fights up and down the state while envisioning stronger and healthier communities.

Making a donation to CURB by midnight tonight will help ensure that our mobilizations throughout the year are successful.

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