Victory in SF, now on to the rest of the state!

Dear Supporter,

This week, we experienced a monumental victory in our long and difficult fight against jail expansion in California: The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously rejected the city’s proposed new jail! 

The CURB coalition has worked tirelessly to stop the new San Francisco jail since early 2013, when we first discovered the sheriff’s secret plan to build the facility and further entrench the city’s reliance on imprisonment.

Since then, the breadth and diversity of CURB members and allies organizing around the jail has grown at an incredible rate.

Our overwhelming victory against the jail is a testament to the power of organizing by formerly incarcerated people and their families, by teachers and service providers, and by community leaders in marginalized and low-income communities of color that are overwhelmingly targeted by the criminal justice system.

And with your support, we can replicate this victory throughout the state.

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