Last chance to be a part of CURB's #GivingTuesday!


My name is Rachel and I’m the development intern for CURB. Before coming to CURB, I’d never done fundraising — and quite frankly asking people for money always made me nervous. But this year on my 22nd birthday I gathered my courage and asked my family and friends to help me raise $500 for CURB’s #GivingTuesday campaign in lieu of a birthday present.

I was astounded by the response.

My relatives, peers, and even Facebook friends I hadn’t talked to in years opened their hearts (and their wallets) for CURB, and we raised over $700! I was blown away by this incredible display of the power of community, and the power of CURB’s message.

Will you be a part of CURB’s #GivingTuesday?

We have up until the end of this year to match a generous donation of $25,000. And our #GivingTuesday campaign is just the beginning.

Be a part of a historic giving season at CURB and make your donation today!

Every little bit truly helps our coallition fight jail and prison expansion in California.

In solidarity,

Rachel Stober

Development Intern

Californians United for a Responsible Budget

PS: Give your friends and loved ones an opportunity to build a better world by sharing our #GivingTuesday page on social media!


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