Dear Supporter,

As we prepare for the holiday season and move into 2016, we wanted to let you know how truly grateful we are that you are a part of CURB.

Your support has kept us strong in our demands for no more jails or prisons! Sacramento mobilization

With your commitment — and that of thousands of people from over 70 organizations throughout California — CURB has continued to mobilize with tireless determination and endless hope that we can shift the state’s priorities toward supporting the alternatives and resources we know our communities need.

Growing in action, power, and impact, we wanted to share a few resources that CURB released this year thanks to the support of you and all of our members.

  • CURB Policy Briefing – Highlighting the impact we had on the state budget and legislation this year.
  • CURB Decarceration Report Card – After hearing that 42 of California’s 58 counties are planning to build new jails, CURB released our fourth report card denouncing jail expansion and calling for alternatives to incarceration.
  • Almost 100 Media Hits – CURB worked to shift the conversation on criminal justice by pushing and publishing media that revealed the state of the California’s incarceration system and sustainable solutions to support people coming and staying home.
  • Los Angles Report on Women Incarcerated – With Dignity and Power Now we released a report highlighting the human rights abuses happening in the Los Angeles Women’s Jail.
  • New Member Organizations Across the State – CURB’s resources, expertise and successes have encouraged over 10 new organizations to join our coalition this year.

We couldn’t do this without you.

With gratitude,

Diana Zuñiga and Lizzie Buchen

Californians United for a Responsible Budget

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