Will You Stand With Her?

Dear Supporter,

My name is Gina and I am the founder of Essie Justice Group — a new, fierce organization of women with incarcerated Partner Meme_officialloved ones and a proud member of CURB.

Essie now has opportunity to win $500,000 to create an important women’s advocacy network in the CA Bay Area that can support the work of coalitions like CURB. We are one of the top 10 finalists in the Google Impact Challenge: BayArea and right now we need our help.

Will you vote for us and help them take their work to the next level?

CURB has endorsed Essie Justice Group in the Google Impact Challenge because we are family and because of our powerful mission: To build a movement to empower women with incarcerated loved ones. And to break the cycles of pain, isolation and poverty that many women experience and struggle through in silence, burdened by shame and social stigma.

Vote for Essie and come October 20, the top four organizations will each win a $500,000 grant from Google. With your support, Essie could be one of the four!

Thank you for supporting!

In solidarity,

GinaClaytonEssieGina Clayton

Essie Justice Group

A Member of Californians United for a Responsible Budget

P.S. We are happy to announce that we are partnering with Essie in a new campaign – #StandWithHer to end mass incarceration. Please visit our brand new #StandWithHer website and join the movement to end mass incarceration and support women and families with loved ones behind bars.

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