Gov. Brown: Stand up for families!

Dear Supporter,

The first time I saw my children in over four years.
The first time I saw my children in over four years.

The California legislature has spoken up for family reunification. Earlier this month, they passed SB 219 (Liu), a bill that would expand access to the Alternative Custody Program (ACP), which allows eligible imprisoned parents to finish their sentences outside of prisons so they can care for their families.

Now we must convince Governor Brown to sign this legislation.

SB 219 will expand access to ACP, enact a responsible timeline for application review, provide applicants with an opportunity to appeal, and ensure that all eligible people are part of a more transparent and informed process.

With your help, we’ve been able to move this bill forward to help reunite people with their families and communities, and we are one step away from enacting this law.

Please join me in sending a clear message: Governor Brown, support families!

As a parent and a survivor of imprisonment, I know just how important it is that we take this opportunity to stand up for the parenting rights of people in prison.

The deadline for Brown to sign the legislation is quickly approaching – Click here to take action now!

Thank you for continuing the fight on every level against California’s massive prison system.

In solidarity,

Misty RojoMisty Rojo
Justice Now
A member of Californians United for a Responsible Budget

P.S. Until recently, only women could apply for the Alternative Custody Program. But thanks to a court ruling earlier this month, men and women are eligible for ACP — making SB 219 more important than ever!

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