More Construction or Community Solutions?


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Dear Supporter,

My name is Diana Valenzuela and I am interning with CURB this summer to support media work.

Last week I went to my first LA Board of Supervisors meeting and there were so many moving pieces around the jail plan that it was hard to keep up. I couldn’t help but notice that despite DA Lacey’s proposal for a mental health diversion — jail expansion in LA is still being proposed.

That is why we need you to come out again tomorrow. Meet us at the LA Board of Supervisors at 9:30am!

This is what I gathered:

1) LA Board of Supervisors halted the jail plan for 45 days to ask a consultant to assess the need for beds based and community based capacity.

2) They hired Health Care Management Associates. Last week, the new consultant recommended the building of almost 6,000 beds for the replacement to Men’s Central Jail.

And on top of that there are 1,616 beds moving forward for the women’s jail! The report we released with Dignity and Power Now paints another picture. 

3) Our members and the Supervisors, especially Supervisor Kuehl, were suprised by the presentation given by HMA and asked how many people could actually be diverted. HMA could not answer!

4) Now we heard of a new motion that would create an “Office for Diversion Services” and give millions of dollars to support community solutions and alternatives to jails.

This is an exciting time! The jail plan is still on the table, but the LA Board of Supervisors have been listening and are now creating an office that would be responsible for diversion.

Will you come out tomorrow? Can’t come out, read the report about the conditions women are experiencing inside the LA County jails and share! 

When: Tomorrow – Tuesday, August 11 at 9:30am

Where: 500 West Temple St. Los Angeles 90012

We can’t do this without you and we will continue to need you in this fight against expansion in Los Angeles!

In Solidarity, 

Diana Valenzuela

Media Intern

Californians United for a Responsible Budget  


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