Take Action to Stop $332 million Jail in Riverside!

The Riverside County Budget is prioritizing $332 million for jail construction. On Monday, the Board of Supervisors will be discussing how to move forward with this plan.

Take action to stop the $331 million jail construction project in Riverside!

We want community solutions, not more jails. Jail expansion will bankrupt our county and lead to a divestment from crucial needs like emergency health services, educational services, child and welfare supportive services, housing development, arts programs and libraries.

We need to pressure our county Supervisors to cancel the funding for the jail expansion! 

The Alternatives to Jail Expansion Coalition is asking you to come SPEAK OUT against jail expansion and TELL YOUR STORY about successes in the community for re-entry! 

What: Press Conference before the Riverside County Budget Hearing 
When: Monday, June 15  12 – 2pm 
Where: Riverside County Administrative Bldg., 4080 Lemon St., Riverside 92501

We won’t stop until this jail plan is cancelled— and we need your support. Instead of building more cages, we need to invest in safety net services and evidence-based programs that work to build strong and sustainable communities.

In solidarity,

Vonya Quarles
All of Us or None Riverside
Member of Californians United for a Responsible Budget

P.S., Join us in a statewide mobilization against jail expansion on June 26th in Sacramento! RSVP today!

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