Urgent: Take Action Today for No New SF Jail!

Saturday’s Town Hall with No New SF Jail Coalition

Dear Supporter,

Two weeks ago the city of San Francisco released a misleading report saying there are minimal environmental concerns related to building a new jail in downtown SF. We know better, and we have until 5pm TODAY to challenge them!

Please take action now for the No New SF Jail Fight!

  • They claim that constructing a new jail just blocks away from a major freeway entrance will have no impact on traffic patterns. We know this is an impossible evaluation.
  • This jail would kick out residents from 14 SRO’s in the midst of the worst housing crisis San Francisco has ever seen. It is unacceptable to not consider this a significant impact.
  • The report fails to sufficiently address air quality for outdoor yards in the jail, whose semi-enclosed design may actually concentrate pollution from the neighboring freeway and endanger imprisoned people.
  • This jail project, in conjunction with other commercial development projects in the area, would cast shadows on both the northern and southeastern parts of nearby Victoria Manalo Draves Park. This conflicts with General Plan policies related to urban design and the preservation of sunlight on open spaces.

This is a shameful attempt on the part of the Planning Department to obscure the real environmental impacts of the new jail. We need to let the Sheriff, Board of Supervisors and Planning Department know: this new jail will harm our city.

Check out the coverage we got on NBC Bay Area news this weekend: “A new SF Jail is a waste of money.” Our message is coming across loud and clear. Will you help make it stronger?

Join us in opposing the city’s misleading report. Demand that they do an adequate and complete evaluation on the impacts of constructing a new jail in downtown San Francisco.

We won’t stop until this jail is defeated—

In Solidarity,

Mari Castaldi
Critical Resistance Oakland 
Member of Californians United for a Responsible Budget 

P.S., To counter the city’s negligent evaluation, CR Oakland just completed No New Jail in SF, The People’s Report, a 25-page report detailing the harms and wastefulness of a new jail, and elevating the practical alternatives SF should be expanding instead. Check it out and share it with your community.


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