Supporter, Keep Our Bills Alive!

Dear Supporter,

We have some good news! Elder Parole (SB 224) and the Alternative Custody Program (SB 219) bills moved out of appropriations with some amendments.

They were taken off of suspense thanks to you! Now, we need to get the Senate Floor to pass the our bills by Friday.

Unfortunately, the Credit Incentives (AB 512) was turned into a 2 year bill. So we won’t be able to move that one forward until next year.

Help us keep SB 224 and SB 219 alive!


In order to keep our bills alive you need to take action quickly. We have until Friday to pass them pass the Senate floor vote or our bills will be “dead” for this year.


Elder Parole (SB224): Age elgibility was changed from 50 to 60 years old and time served from 15 to 25 years. This will make Elder Parole law!

Alternative Custody Program (SB219): Was strengthening the language of the bill and did not change it’s substance.

We need to keep up the momentum and continue supporting these important pieces of legislation. Take action now!

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