#CABudget Battle: 2 More Weeks to Make an Impact!

Take Action Now!

*Courtesy of Noah of Sin Barras

Dear Supporter,

Sacramento has felt our pressure! As a result of our actions the Senate submitted a request for a plan to close Norco State Prison.

Now we need the next group of officials on the budget, the Conference Committee, to feel the pressure too.

We have 2 more weeks until Governor Brown’s Final Budget is released. As it stands, the revised budget includes an “aggressive construction” of prisons and no focus on population reduction.

We must act now to demand an end to “aggressive construction” of prisons!

With your help we have been able to shrink the corrections budget by millions of dollars. And we know that we need that money to be re-directed to aggressive parole and sentencing reform, not aggressive construction.

Help us stop expansion and re-direct all the savings towards our communities!

We need your help to build families, jobs, and a better California. Not more prisons!

Thank you,

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