Take Action for #NoMoreJails on JUNE 9

Dear Supporter,

Thank you for participating in our #LABudget Week of Action. We had over 200 people take action to demand more funding for the programs and services that our county needs.

We are having an impact in Los Angeles. The LA County Board of Supervisors are increasingly questioning the jail plan and beginning to consider alternatives to incarceration. On June 9th, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department will be presenting a status update on the jail plan that includes District Attorney Lacey’s mental health diversion plan and the impacts of Proposition 47 on the jail population.

On June 9th, we must mobilize to the Board of Supervisors in full force. We need to continue to demand out-of-custody treatment for prisoners with mental health issues, alternative custody programs for prisoners with children, comprehensive pre-trial diversion for people who cannot afford bail, more jobs and all the things we need to build strong communities.

We can stop this jail! Take action with us on June 9th for #NoMoreJails in Los Angeles. With your support, we can begin to build for a better Los Angeles today.

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