Demand funding for #CommunitySolutions, not more jails!

We got one more to go, Supporter!

Today is the last day to send comments to the Board of Supervisors about the 2015-16 proposed budget, which includes realignment funding (AB 109).

The proposed budget reflects the same distribution of funds as in prior years. Over the past 4 years of realignment, more than 80% of the $1 billion distributed to Los Angeles has been appropriated by the Sheriff’s and Probation Department for more incarceration and supervision. And this year is no different!

For today’s action, we are asking you to tell the Board of Supervisors, CEO, and Sheriff McDonnell that the future of Los Angeles demands community solutions, not more jails.

Action 5: #CommunitySolutions, not jails

We demand the Board to redirect 50% or more of AB 109 funding to community-based services. We demand funding to support the real needs of people coming home from prison and jails: identification cards, medical records, health care, housing and bus cards. We demand funding to support the needs of those most impacted by imprisonment. We demand the county to invest in community needs, not cages.

CURB member organizations and allies have been working hard to make sure the county prioritizes services that strengthen public safety, reduce recidivism and increase the effectiveness of the rehabilitative process.

Join us for the last step in the #LABudget Week of Action by sharing community solutions that you think Los Angeles needs instead of more jails.

In Solidarity,

Mary Sutton
LA #NoMoreJails Coalition and Critical Resistance LA
Member of Californians United for a Responsible Budget  


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