#CABudget Battle: What did the May Revise bring us?

*Courtesy of Noah Miska of Sin Barras*

Dear Supporter,

The May Budget Revise was released on Thursday, coming after Senator Loni Hancock’s call to close Norco State Prison. Yet, the long overdue closure of the decrepit prison was not part of Governor Brown’s agenda.

Norco has been slated for demolition since 2012, but the administration is avoiding talking about it. Close Norco now!

The May Revise suggests a decrease in both the prison population and spending for out of state contract bed capacity, resulting in a savings of $73.3 million and reduction of 4,000 out-of-state contract beds by June 2016.

However, the budget also focuses on an “aggressive construction” plan to waste MILLIONS of our tax dollars to expand the prison system by over 3,000 new beds. 

We must act now if we don’t want to see an “aggressive construction” of prisons!

All this budget revise is doing is shuffling our loved ones around from out-of-state to in-state prisons instead of prioritizing release. We have to say no more!

Why not re-direct the $73.3 million that will be saved from out-of-state contract beds towards fully implementing Elder Parole, Credit Expansion, Medical Parole, and the Alternative Custody Program?

We need to demand that our elected officials stop expanding prisons, support reduction and reentry, and that we finally close Norco.

Now is the time to keep pushing!

Thanks and peace,

Diana Zuñiga

Interim Statewide Coordinator

Californians United for a Responsible Budget

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