Stop sending our loved ones away!

Dear Supporter,

Our bills are still on suspense, but we are grinding away and will ask you to take action soon. For now, did you hear about SB 171?

Senator Ted Gaines has recently introduced a policy that would authorize the Sheriff of each county to transfer prisoners to any state, county or private jail or prison system in the United States.

Since we heard the news, CURB has been working to let the Senator and Legislature know that we do NOT support the coerced transfer of prisoners far away from their families.

This kind of forced transfer of prisoners is another deceptive form of jail expansion and puts an unfair strain on families, disintegrating the support structures that are integral to rehabilitation.

The Senate Public Safety Committee will be meeting on this bill on Tuesday, May 12th at 9:30 am in Sacramento. We encourage you to attend the hearing and testify your opposition to this bill.

If you can’t make it out, take action today and send a message to the Senate Public Safety Committee opposing SB 171: County Jail Inmates Involuntary Transfer.

CURB member organizations are working hard to demand the implementation of sustainable solutions to jail overcrowding, such as increasing pre-trial services, expanding good time credits, bail reform and increasing the use of split sentencing.

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